The Five Lamps (Na Cúig Lampa)

The lamps are in Dublin’s North Strand area, situated at the junction of five streets: Portland Row, North Strand Road, Seville Place, Amiens Street and Killarney Street. There it is, sitting an island in the middle of the road: a decorative five-branched lamp-post.

The Five Lamps (Na Cúig Lampa)

This structure has been a Dublin landmark since its erection, c.1880, to the memory of General Henry Hall who served with the British Army in India. This elaborately decorated lamp standard is of artistic significance for the high level of craftsmanship demonstrated in its design and execution. It is of technical significance for its connection to the progress in the late nineteenth century in the provision of public lighting and the improved techniques in cast-iron production. Social significance derives from the role of private patronage in tackling the slum conditions of the period by the provision of clean drinking water at the fountain which would otherwise have not been available to the local population. The five lamps address the five streets which come together at this point and the structure recognises the ancient role of this area as a gateway to the city of Dublin.

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